The Gyulaj Co. does professional forest management mainly on the hills and hill ridges of Tolna County with mixed, broadleaved forests from the sandy soil „Tengelic” region to the Southern part of Tolna-hill ridge. This area is rich in touristic attractions. In springs seas of colourful wild flowers meadows, in summertime many of different ecotouristic programmes, in falls the red stags rutting sound as well as the fallow bucks rutting sound, in winters the ultimate calmness and snowy slopes are waiting for the tourists coming here from all over the world. Plenty of different natural hot water spas & baths, cultural heritages, castles, excellent vine estates and vineyards, gastronomic specialties give more and more to attract the tourists here.

Numerous recreational facilities, guest houses, wildlife parks, recreational forests, study trails and tourist routes are ready to recieve You and your family or friends! 

Our following guest houses are ready to receive tourists:


Óbiród: This two guest houses are located in the middle of the legendary Gyulaj fallow deer reserve just by two beautiful fishing lakes. Because of this circumstances our clients can easily see many fallow deer bucks, does and fawns in their natural environment.

Annafürdő: This old place has its own beautiful history. Annafürdő as an old bath place got its name from the fact that this beautiful place was one of the favouries of Countess Anna. Annafürdő provides place to our Touristic and Nature Educational Centre, many of different ecotouristic facility developments, forest school, parkforest, wildlife park and a small fishing lake too.

„Szentkút” Schack- Ecolodge: Great example of the local, traditional folk architecture using environmental green technologies. This small building gives a lovely station for the hikers and bikers for taking a rest or having interesting programmes.

Kisszékely Guest House: our latest built guest house. It is located among hills rich in wildlife, and well known by its beautiful broadleaved woods and great wines.

Szálláspuszta and Csibrák Guest Houses: Both houses are located in beautiful natural environment, close to many cultural heritage facilities. In autumns the surroundings woods are loud of the uniquely deep roaring rutting sound of red stags.

Kistápé Guest House: This guest house is located in the sandy soil „Tengelic” region which provides rare natural values to visit for the ecotourists and outdoor lovers. It is in a state nature conservation area, called the Dél-Mezőföld Landscape protection Area. Rare dryied bog meadows, and meadow oak tree stands can be found here.