Óbiród Hunting Lodge

Two hunting lodges just next to each other with the highest standards of hospitality. Air conditioned dinning room, wooden indoor sauna, etc. 

This two lodges was one of the favourite lodges of the top politicians of the Communist Party of Hungary as well as some previous counts and politicians

In Octobers the rutting sound of fallow deers is always heard from the surrounding woods giving unforgettable memories of our clients.



Short film of the beauty of the Óbiród Hunting Lodge and its environment:

Some pictures of the interior of Óbiród Hunting Lodges:





360 Exterior & Interior Virtual Tour of Óbiród Hunting Lodges:

When any words or signs (orange arrows) pop up You can virtually go into another rooms by clicking on them. To look around in a room use the arrows and signs seen at the bottom of the picture frame or You can also use your mouse: please click on the picture with the left button and keep it pushed and move your mouse up/down/right& left slowly. With the movement of your mouse the pictures will move too.
Photo:Árpád Tóth-Siófok