Óbiród Guest Houses

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This two excellent hunting lodges of ours are located deep in the forest of Gyulaj and Tamási wilderness. Both houses are well equipped with TV and wireless internet access. Altogether 11 double rooms + 2 apartment rooms are ready to receive our clients. For each rooms a bathroom belongs to. Even if there is no mobile signal in the surrounding wilderness inside the houses T-system mobilephones can be used. Only a couple of minutes walking from the houses there are two beautiful fishing lakes. Take a walk around the lakes and enjoy observing a part of the legendary fallow deer popoulation. We provide rent-a-bike service to take a breathtaking adventure on the private tarmac road near to the lodges.

For our lodging guest we are able to provide the following special programmes:

-          walking tour in the legendary fallow deer reserve

-          rent-a-bike service

-          horse cart riding

-          trophy exhibition

-          big game observing in dusk

-          indoor sauna

In the touristic season we provide special package for families. In this family package we provide the following programmes for 2 adults and 2 children: walking tour in our Tamási Wildlife Park, trophy exhibition, big game observing in dusk, visiting the Tourist and Nature Education Centre in Lengyel- Annafürdő, visiting the „Szentkút”- Eco Schack, introducing the local enviroment friendly green technologies, riding a horse cart and free indoor sauna. 

360 Exterior & Interior Virtual Tour of Óbiród Guest Houses


When the words; - BEJÁRAT/ENTRANCE - or - KIJÁRAT/EXIT- or other words or arrows pop up You can virtually go into another room by clicking on them. To look around in a room use the arrows and signs seen at the bottom of the picture frame or You can also use your mouse: please click on the picture with the left button and keep it pushed and move your mouse up/down/right& left slowly. With the movement of your mouse the pictures will move too.