An outstanding fallow buck trophy from our Kisszékely hunting ground

Posted on 12/16/2020

One of the outstanding fallowbuck trophies of this year's fallowdeer rut was bagged in our Kisszékely hunting ground on the 17 th of October, 2020, with the help of our PH, Károly Kovács.The weight of the trophy 24 hours after cooking was 5.97 kg. The beams are like those of a red stags. The width of the shovel is 23.9 cm on the right side. On this side at the burr the starting of a disease can be observed, due to which no eye branch has grown, instead 3 branches appeared. Two of them are smaller and are directing forward and a larger  directing rearward.The trophy received an international score of 218.86 on the national trophy scoring.

Photo credit: Péter Gőbölös

The photos will be opoened on a new side



Roe buck season

Posted on 09/04/2020

The roe buck season is going on. Nice, great looking bucks are bagged during these days on two of our hunting grounds. Some bucks are very unique, having not big, but special and unique shaped antlers as trophies. One of this kind of unique bucks can be seen below...

A beautiful unic fallow deer trophy from our Kisszékely hunting ground

Posted on 10/03/2019

This is the type of trophy what all hunters want to have, no doubt about it. The buck was healthy with no symptons of any disease. Congratulations for both the PH and the lucky client of Gyulaj Zrt for this great, special free range fallow buck! On the 19th of oktober, a hungarian hunter guest of ours bagged a fallowbuck wich is unic not only in Hungary, but we dont exaggarate when we say in the whole world. This trophy weighed 4,5 kg 24 hours after the boiling. When we have got it back from the authorities(trophy evaluation), we decided to make som pictures about this special trophy given to the photoshooting the circumstances,what this unic buty diserves. Now we share a couple of the photos, made on this occassion.

Huge sales for fallow bucks at Gyulaj

Posted on 11/08/2018

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary gladly announce that we have just started one of the biggest discount sale of fallow buck in our history ever!

The offer is valid till end of the fallow buck season only (February 28, 2019):

Gyulaj fallow bucks between 3.0 – 3.50kg 24hrs trophy weight is 999.- EUR/piece

yulaj fallow bucks between 3.51 – 4.00kg 24hrs trophy weight is 1.499.- EUR/piece

Fallow buck rut 2018

Posted on 10/15/2018

Even the fallow buck rut is still going on both on our fallow deer areas (in Gyulaj and Kisszékely) we can already provide some very nice photos from this season's quarries. Most of the bucks in the pictures are more than 4kg (24hrs trophy weight), the one with the wild boar is around 5kg. Great season we have so far!

Fallow buck rut 2018  Fallow buck rut 2018 Fallow buck rut 2018

Collected fallow buck trophy datas from the last decades

Posted on 10/05/2018

Posted on: 5 October, 2018

Even though the fallow buck season has just started, we collected our best fallow buck results from the last 10-15 years. It's great to see how nice trophies can be listed in such an extraordinary table. We have big hope that more and more "big, old boys" are hiding in our woods out there. Hope this season makes us even more proud. More results are coming soon...

Some excellent fallow buck trophies of last few years from Gyulaj Plc's hunting grounds:
Season Hunting ground Trophy weight CIC score
2005. Gyulaj 5.65 kg 215,24 IP
2005. Gyulaj 5.42 kg 207,50 IP
2007. Pincehely 5.27 kg -
2010. Pincehely 5.05 kg -
2011. Pincehely 5.25 kg -
2013. Pincehely 5.51 kg -
2014. Gyulaj 5.47 kg 193,38 IP
2014. Gyulaj 5.01 kg 215,85 IP
2014. Gyulaj 5.26 kg 206,64 IP
2017. Pincehely 5.18 kg 213,22 IP
2017. Gyulaj 4.49 kg 207,37 IP
2017. Gyulaj 5.03 kg 205,6 IP
2017. Gyulaj 5.25 kg 214,64 IP
2017. Gyulaj 5.28 kg 217,47 IP