Nice results from the 2018 red stag season

Posted on: September 30, 2018

Even the weather was nearly as hot as in summer during almost the whole rut season, now - at the end of it- we can say; this year's red stag season brought nice results at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's hunting grounds. The three hunting areas where we have nice red deer populations provide us nearly 45 trophies altogether only in the rut, in September month. Eight stags' trophy weight were weighed over the magical 10kgs. This year the heaviest trophy weight was 10.81kg, reaching 216.11 IP point at the scoring. 5 stag trophies received CIC golden medal, 15 of them received CIC silver medal and 12 bronz medal. We had very nice hunting clients from all over the world: USA, Germany, Austria, Norway, Italy, etc.  Congratulations for all our clients and our professional staff for the nice results!

A few photos of the '018 red stag season:

Final display in Kistápé  Final display in Kistápé  Final display in Kistápé

Final display in Hőgyész  Final display in Hőgyész