Muzzleloader hunting for fallow bucks in Gyulaj, Hungary

Posted on: October 25, 2014

Even though the hunting with muzzleloaders has a big tradition in the USA, the hunters couldn't really practice their beloved way of hunting for example in Europe. Now -with a special permission- Gyulaj Hunting Hungary could be the first place within Hungary where the muzzleloaders can be used for hunting for trophy games. The first hunt with a muzzleloader gun wIthin a century happened on October 21, 2014. The lucky Hungarian client bagged a beautiful rutting fallow buck with its 170 years old German muzzleloader.

Technical datas of the gun:

Manufacturer:  Miller Fa Baader und Sohn in München (Germany). Made in between 1840-1850.

Caliber: 0,58" (14,7 mm), Bullet: 20,15 g, pure lead.

Gun powder: 100 grain 2 Fg Swiss black gunpowder.  Vo=500m/s Eo=2550 J

The photos below can be enlarged by clicking:

Muzzleloader hunting in Gyulaj, Hungary  Muzzleloader hunting in Gyulaj, Hungary

English language video of the hunt from CapAndBall's YouTube channel: