Kisszekely Hunting Lodge

Our latest built great hunting lodge in the middle of our Pincehely Hunting Ground. It is able to provide accommodation for 12 people altogether in 6 double bedroom. Upstairs there is a huge lounge hall to provide perfect circumstances for a tireing hunting day with a modern, built-in fireplace. The kitchen and hospitality is excellent.

Soon we will provide 3D virtual tour for this hunting lodge too!



360 Exterior & Interior Virtual Tour of Kisszekely Hunting Lodges:

When any words or signs (greenish arrows) pop up You can virtually go into another rooms by clicking on them. To look around in a room use the arrows and signs seen at the bottom of the picture frame or You can also use your mouse: please click on the picture with the left button and keep it pushed and move your mouse up/down/right& left slowly. With the movement of your mouse the pictures will move too.
Photo:Árpád Tóth-Siófok