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There are only a few companies in Hungary, which can be proud of themselves on giving wild big game trophies to the first ten positions of the present world and the national rank lists. Furthermore there are even fewer of companies who could do this with more than one game species. Gyulaj Forestry & Hunting Plc is proud to be one of these elite few. Beside of our world record Fallow buck palms, some of the big Wild boar tusks form Gyulaj Plc's hunting grounds are now also in the top five in the national rank list.

Our good reputation among the world’s hunters and outdoor lovers was first built on the fact that our Gyulaj hunting ground has given 5 world record Fallow buck trophies to the world already.

The Gyulaj Plc manages the wildlife on 29.000   hectares (~71.700 acres), an area that provides excellent habitat for almost every wild big game species of Hungary. On this 29,000+ hectares (~71.700 acres) there are four different hunting grounds (Gyulaj/Tamási/; Hőgyész; Németkér; Pincehely ground). Among the state forestry and hunting companies Gyulaj, Inc. Co. is the most significant in hunting. Our hunting income accounts for ~30- 35 % of the total income.

Each of our hunting grounds has outstanding features for both big games and hunters. To reasurre about it we need only to mention the numerous world recorder Fallow buck palms or the high numbers of our excellent Wild boar tusks and Red stag antlers what were shot in the last few years.

The satisfaction of hundreds of guests and many returning hunters are also a guarantee that Gyulaj, Inc. Co.’s hunting site is an excellent place to hunt.

Our highly comfortable 1st and 2nd class hunting lodges and guest houses provide perfect opportunity for all our guests- even the non-hunters- to spend an unforgettable time during the hunting and fishing seasons.