Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's wild boar trophy is the official No.1 on SCI 's wild boar ranklist!

Posted on:  June 7, 2012

Finally our wild boar trophy's is the new official No.1 (world's record) trophy on SCI eurasian wild boar ranklist (rifle method). The excellent old tusker was taken by an US client in an early morning hunt in October, 2011. The great wild boar from South-West Hungary took over the 1st place of the ranklist by an impressive SCI point difference compare to the previous #1. The official score is 31 9/16 SCI by the extreme lenght of the left lower tusk which is 43.9 cm (17.3 inch). Congratulations for the American hunter again!

Please check the photos in good quality of the current SCI recordbook Eurasian wild boar ranklist (rifle) by clicking on "Read more"