Great red stag rut was at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's hunting areas

Posted on: September 30, 2015

On last day of September we have the opportunity to look back this year's red stag rut season. In nutshells Gyulaj Hunting Hungary can say; this September both the rut and hunts were great. The harvested stags dimensions and datas speak of themselves: In our Hőgyész Hunting ground the harvested September 30 stags average trophy weight was 8,.03kg. From this 30 stags 3 were over 10kg. 97% won CIC medals (4 golden, 12 silver and 13 bronze). In our Bikács- Kistápé Hunting Ground the rate of the medal-receiver stags was 90% (2 golden, 5 silver and 2 bronze). The heaviest antler stags was also shot here. It weighed 11,34kg (24hrs weight) on the scale. The client- nationality was also really diverse. Many clients chosed Gyulaj for shooting stags from many different countries of the world: Germany, USA, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.

To see the pictures in big, please click on them:

Stag 2015 11,31kg stag from KistápéStag from Hőgyész  US client in Kistápé Hunting Ground  9kg stag from Kistápé Hunting Ground