Breaking news - Gyulaj was awarded with CIC's Edmond Blanc Prize

Posted on: May 2, 2017

Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc (~Gyulaj Hunting Hungary, Gyulaj Erdészeti és Vadászati Zrt. in Hungarian) was awarded with the Edmond Blanc Prize by the CIC at the 64th CIC General Assembly in Montreux, Switzerland. It is a privilége for us to have this amazing award, which we very proud of.

Edmond Blanc Prize  - CIC (Conseil International de la Chasse et de la Conservation du Gibier or International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) - 64th CIC General Assembly - 27-29 April, 2017 - Montreux, Switzerland

 CIC Edmond Blanc Prize - received by Gyulaj Plc

Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc won the CIC Edmond Blanc Award in 2017

CIC (Conseil International de la Chasse et de la Conservation du Gibier or the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation in English) as one of the most important NGOs related to hunting, wildlife conservation and management held its 64th General Assembly between April 27 and 29, 2017. CIC has been awarding the best hunting grounds and wildlife reserves of the world since 1928, choosing one area each year honoring the area’s professional efforts and management with the organization’s so called Edmond Blanc Prize. More precisely; „the Prize shall be awarded to game reserves, conservation associations and organisations that work with wildlife protection and conservation and game management in different countries. Only those game reserves and game organisations that have had outstanding success in their work to conserve the natural environment, to protect free-roaming animals in the wild and to manage game according to principles of sustainability shall be eligible for Edmond Blanc Prize.” In 2017 this award went to the Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc. (~Gyulaj Hunting Hungary), which made many Hungarian hunters very proud. This year’s venue of the General Assembly was Montreux’s beautiful Fairmont Hotel Palace***** by the bay of the breathtaking Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The luxury buildings and the mesmerizing surrounding landscape provided even more lofty athmosphere to the professionally organized assembly and its ceremonies. The three days assembly dealt with very important and relevant topics such as the ASVF- problem (African swine virus), the increasing presence of wildlife in urbanized areas or the harmful „green lobby” with its disinformations and lies. The awarding ceremony took place last day of the assembly in the venue’s elegant conference hall. By the decision of the CIC Prize Comittee Gyulaj Plc. won this prestigious award because of its well known Gyulaj Hunting Ground, its legendary fallow deer management, deep and outstanding hunting- historical background, one of the best populations of fallow deer of the world (besides the 5 CIC world record fallow buck trophies given to the world by this area) and its ’70s and ’80s worldwide game-export project to introduce the famous Gyulaj-fallow deer to many hunting grounds of the world (such as Hungary, UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech-Slovakia, France, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Germany and so on). During the ceremony the professionally set up presentation to introduce Gyulaj’s nomination was held by Mr. Baron Wulf Gordian Hauser (President of CIC Prize Comittee), the award was personally given by Mr. George Aman (President of CIC) to Mr. Péter Gőbölös (CEO of Gyulaj Plc.). The Hungarian delegation included Mr. Tamás Marghescu (General Director of CIC), Dr. Kristóf Hecker (Head of Division Coordinate Unit of CIC), Prof. Dr. h.c. Dr. Sándor Faragó (vice-chancellor of Sopron University, Hungary) and Mr. Tamás Kovács (Deputy Head of Wildlife Management, Gyulaj Plc.).