Article was published in Denmark about the new SCI world record wild boar from Gyulaj Hunting Hungary

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's exclusive Danish partner published an article about the new SCI No.1 (world 's record) eurasian wild boar trophy taken on Gyulaj Plc's hunting ground in one of the leading Danish hunting magazine, the BigGame. The Weatherby- award winner US client who won the auction of the "Hungarian Big Five" package during the SCI Las Vegas Convention in 2010 arrived to our South- West Hungarian hunting grounds in October, 2011. The first day early morning and evening hunt was unsuccesful but next day brought the right wild boar for the great shooter client. Both the hunter and the professional guide was impressed when they measured the tusks of the ~7 years old big game. After the raw preparation the first measuring brought even bigger surprise for both the hunter and the staff of the Gyulaj Plc. The official masurement (done by a SCI master measurer) set out the fact that by the measured SCI points this particular trophy is the new world's record of the SCI Eurasian world rank list with an impressive 31 9/16 SCI. In CIC measuring system the trophy is an abnormal trophy winning silver medal with 22,7cm and 43,9cm lower, big tusks. 
We hope by reading this article too, more and more hunters from Denmark will experience the excellence of Gyulaj's South-West Hungarian hunting grounds and big game populations!
For reading the article in Danish language, please click on the pictures below!