Posted on: March 3, 2020

Our new hunting pricelist has been published for the upcoming season. Please note that we provide -10% discount from the Kisszékely red stag prices (only from the Kisszékely stags)!

Posted on: Oktober 30, 2019

This is the type of trophy what all hunters want to have, no doubt about it. The buck was healthy with no symptons of any disease. Congratulations for both the PH and the lucky client of Gyulaj Zrt for this great, special free range fallow buck! On the 19th of oktober, a hungarian hunter guest of ours bagged a fallowbuck wich is unic not only in Hungary, but we dont exaggarate when we say in the whole world. This trophy weighed 4,5 kg 24 hours after the boiling. When we have got it back from the authorities(trophy evaluation), we decided to make som pictures about this special trophy given to the photoshooting the circumstances,what this unic buty diserves. Now we share a couple of the photos, made on this occassion.

With a click on the picture, the galery will be opened

Posted on: March 1, 2019

Our new hunting pricelist has been published for the upcoming season. Please note that we provide -10% discount from teh Kisszékely red stag prices (only from the Kisszékely stags)!

Hunting pricelist 2019/2020


Posted on: 21 January, 2019

Gyulaj Zrt's new image-film has just finished. It has been made with love and passion for our partners and clients. Thank you for posting and sharing it!


Posted on: November 8, 2018

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary gladly announce that we have just started one of the biggest discount sale of fallow buck in our history ever!

The offer is valid till end of the fallow buck season only (February 28, 2019):

Gyulaj fallow bucks between 3.0 – 3.50kg 24hrs trophy weight is 999.- EUR/piece

Gyulaj fallow bucks between 3.51 – 4.00kg 24hrs trophy weight is 1.499.- EUR/piece

Any other bagged games and all the used services (accommodation, meals, hunting license&insurance, 4x4 vehicle off-road km fee, BUD airport pick up, drinks, etc.) are need to be paid according to Gyulaj Zrt’s current hunting pricelist. If a client books for a buck between 3.0-3.50kg but bags a bigger (3.51- 4.00kg) buck by his own decision, than he pays the bigger category’s price (1.499.-EUR). If it happens by the wrong trophy weight estimation of our than the client pays the lower category price only (999.- EUR). If a client books for a buck between 3.0-3.50kg but bags a smaller buck by his own decision than he pays the 24hrs trophy weight according to Gyulaj Zrt’s current hunting pricelist (with no discount). If it happens by the wrong trophy weight estimation of our than he pays a fixed, 900.-EUR price for the bagged buck. If a client books for a buck between 3.51-4.00kg but bags a bigger buck by his own decision, than he pays the 24hrs trophy weight according to Gyulaj Zrt’s current hunting pricelist (with no discount). If it happens by the wrong trophy weight estimation of our than the client pays the booked category price only (1.499- EUR). The clients are allowed to bag more bucks during the trip (no quantity limitation). We recommend at least 2-3 nights staying for the succesful hunt of the bucks. This sale is only valid for Gyulaj Hunting Area (not valid for Kisszékely).

If any question appears, need fruther informations oor want booking please don’t hesitate to contact us at or !

Posted on: October 15, 2018

Even the fallow buck rut is still going on both on our fallow deer areas (in Gyulaj and Kisszékely) we can already provide some very nice photos from this season's quarries. Most of the bucks in the pictures are more than 4kg (24hrs trophy weight), the one with the wild boar is around 5kg. Great season we have so far!

Fallow buck rut 2018  Fallow buck rut 2018 Fallow buck rut 2018

Fallow buck rut 2018   Fallow buck rut 2018


Posted on: 5 October, 2018

Even though the fallow buck season has just started, we collected our best fallow buck results from the last 10-15 years. It's great to see how nice trophies can be listed in such an extraordinary table. We have big hope that more and more "big, old boys" are hiding in our woods out there. Hope this season makes us even more proud. More results are coming soon...

Some excellent fallow buck trophies of last few years from Gyulaj Plc's hunting grounds:
Season Hunting ground Trophy weight CIC score
2005. Gyulaj 5.65 kg 215,24 IP
2005. Gyulaj 5.42 kg 207,50 IP
2007. Pincehely 5.27 kg -
2010. Pincehely 5.05 kg -
2011. Pincehely 5.25 kg -
2013. Pincehely 5.51 kg -
2014. Gyulaj 5.47 kg 193,38 IP
2014. Gyulaj 5.01 kg 215,85 IP
2014. Gyulaj 5.26 kg 206,64 IP
2017. Pincehely 5.18 kg 213,22 IP
2017. Gyulaj 4.49 kg 207,37 IP
2017. Gyulaj 5.03 kg 205,6 IP
2017. Gyulaj 5.25 kg 214,64 IP
2017. Gyulaj 5.28 kg 217,47 IP



Posted on: September 30, 2018

Even the weather was nearly as hot as in summer during almost the whole rut season, now - at the end of it- we can say; this year's red stag season brought nice results at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's hunting grounds. The three hunting areas where we have nice red deer populations provide us nearly 45 trophies altogether only in the rut, in September month. Eight stags' trophy weight were weighed over the magical 10kgs. This year the heaviest trophy weight was 10.81kg, reaching 216.11 IP point at the scoring. 5 stag trophies received CIC golden medal, 15 of them received CIC silver medal and 12 bronz medal. We had very nice hunting clients from all over the world: USA, Germany, Austria, Norway, Italy, etc.  Congratulations for all our clients and our professional staff for the nice results!

A few photos of the '018 red stag season:

Final display in Kistápé  Final display in Kistápé  Final display in Kistápé

Final display in Hőgyész  Final display in Hőgyész


Posted on: April 5, 2018

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary had a great opportunity to representative its own legendary hunting grounds in the Danish hunting fair, called "Jagt&Outdoor 2018" in Odense, Denmark between March 22nd and 25th, 2018. This show is the most important hunting fair in Denmark, it's being kept every second year. Three different halls were used for three different branches; guns,clothes,optics&accessories, hunting trips&safaris and dogs. Our Danish partner's- the Gamekeeper Hunting Tours A/S' booth was very popular among the visitors. Many of the hunters were interested huntings in Hungary, so Gyulaj's representatives had some busy days and hours during the show. Our most captivating experience was to see the families, including many children and women huntresses visiting this special fair. We truly hope that our presence help the Danish and Scandinavian hunters to decide to choose Hungary and Gyulaj as one of their next destionations.

Gyulaj Zrt. is at the Odense Jagt&Outdoor fair in Denmark  Gyulaj Zrt. is at the Odense Jagt&Outdoor fair in Denmark  Gyulaj Zrt. is at the Odense Jagt&Outdoor fair in Denmark


Posted on: March 1, 2018

The new, 2018/2019 hunting pricelist of Gyulaj Zrt. is published now. We think the new design look great, using our own or clients' photos, which we are very thankful. Please click on the picture below to see or download the PDF document.

2018/2019 Hunting Pricelist of Gyulaj Zrt.


Posted on: 3 October, 2017

We had a great red stag season this year. The number and the quality of the shot stags' trophies are breaking records of the past decades. 51 red stags were shot so far and the average trophy weight of the was 8.08 kg. The heaviest trophy was 13.14kg shot by a Swedish client, the second heaviest was 12.48kg from Bikács-Kistápé. The heaviest Hőgyész stag was 11.40kg this year. The world class 13.14kg stag received 241,62 CIC point and gold medal of course.

9.32kg red stag from Hőgyész  11.40kg from Hőgyész Canadian hunter in Bikács-Kistápé with a 9kg stag  12,48kg from Bikács-Kistápé 13.14kg from Kisszékely Hunting Ground

Posted on: May 2, 2017

Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc (~Gyulaj Hunting Hungary, Gyulaj Erdészeti és Vadászati Zrt. in Hungarian) was awarded with the Edmond Blanc Prize by the CIC at the 64th CIC General Assembly in Montreux, Switzerland. It is a privilége for us to have this amazing award, which we very proud of.

Edmond Blanc Prize  - CIC (Conseil International de la Chasse et de la Conservation du Gibier or International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) - 64th CIC General Assembly - 27-29 April, 2017 - Montreux, Switzerland

 CIC Edmond Blanc Prize - received by Gyulaj Plc

Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc won the CIC Edmond Blanc Award in 2017

CIC (Conseil International de la Chasse et de la Conservation du Gibier or the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation in English) as one of the most important NGOs related to hunting, wildlife conservation and management held its 64th General Assembly between April 27 and 29, 2017. CIC has been awarding the best hunting grounds and wildlife reserves of the world since 1928, choosing one area each year honoring the area’s professional efforts and management with the organization’s so called Edmond Blanc Prize. More precisely; „the Prize shall be awarded to game reserves, conservation associations and organisations that work with wildlife protection and conservation and game management in different countries. Only those game reserves and game organisations that have had outstanding success in their work to conserve the natural environment, to protect free-roaming animals in the wild and to manage game according to principles of sustainability shall be eligible for Edmond Blanc Prize.” In 2017 this award went to the Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc. (~Gyulaj Hunting Hungary), which made many Hungarian hunters very proud. This year’s venue of the General Assembly was Montreux’s beautiful Fairmont Hotel Palace***** by the bay of the breathtaking Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The luxury buildings and the mesmerizing surrounding landscape provided even more lofty athmosphere to the professionally organized assembly and its ceremonies. The three days assembly dealt with very important and relevant topics such as the ASVF- problem (African swine virus), the increasing presence of wildlife in urbanized areas or the harmful „green lobby” with its disinformations and lies. The awarding ceremony took place last day of the assembly in the venue’s elegant conference hall. By the decision of the CIC Prize Comittee Gyulaj Plc. won this prestigious award because of its well known Gyulaj Hunting Ground, its legendary fallow deer management, deep and outstanding hunting- historical background, one of the best populations of fallow deer of the world (besides the 5 CIC world record fallow buck trophies given to the world by this area) and its ’70s and ’80s worldwide game-export project to introduce the famous Gyulaj-fallow deer to many hunting grounds of the world (such as Hungary, UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech-Slovakia, France, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Germany and so on). During the ceremony the professionally set up presentation to introduce Gyulaj’s nomination was held by Mr. Baron Wulf Gordian Hauser (President of CIC Prize Comittee), the award was personally given by Mr. George Aman (President of CIC) to Mr. Péter Gőbölös (CEO of Gyulaj Plc.). The Hungarian delegation included Mr. Tamás Marghescu (General Director of CIC), Dr. Kristóf Hecker (Head of Division Coordinate Unit of CIC), Prof. Dr. h.c. Dr. Sándor Faragó (vice-chancellor of Sopron University, Hungary) and Mr. Tamás Kovács (Deputy Head of Wildlife Management, Gyulaj Plc.).

Posted on: April 13, 2017

Gyulaj Plc. whished You a very Happy Easter


Posted on: March 23, 2017

Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc (~Gyulaj Hunting Hungary) kindly informs all partners that Mr. Csaba Gálos has left our company. Since March 16, 2017 the new Head of Wildlife Management is Mr. Szabolcs Szeifer. Please note that Mr. Gálos' mobilenumber and e-mail address is suspended, not available any more.

Mr. Szeifer's mobile number is: (0036)30/345-7386 

E-mail address: 

In English language, please still contact: or (0036)30/256-8150



Posted on: October 20, 2016

Gyulaj Zrt (Gyulaj Hunting Hungary) is very proud that Kisszékely village became the 4th most beautifully located village of Hungary according to the Origo's online voting competition. By the readers' votes the most beautifully located Hungarian village is Súr (North-West Hungary), followed by Császártöltés (South Hungary), Feked and Kisszékely in South-West Hungary. The 4th placed Kisszékely received only a few hundred votes less than the second and third place village. Gyulaj Hunting Hungary has its own hunting lodge and the famous Kisszékely Hunting Ground with its beautiful approx. 6.500 hectares hunting ground around the small village. Congratulations for the beloved Kisszékely and hope more and more hunting clients will enjoy the beautiness of the natural environment and the location of the village!

English language article of the online competition:'s English article

The Kisszékely Hunting Lodge next to Kisszékely village

Kisszékely fallow bucks  Kisszékely Hunting Lodge of Gyulaj Plc (ariel view)


Posted on: October 19, 2016

From October 1 we have busy days on our Gyulaj and Kisszékely Hunting Grounds. Better and better bucks are harvested by our international and domestic clients. The rut is amazing, providing unforgetable memories for both our clients and professional staff.


Fallow bucks photo collage from Gyulaj

Posted on: October 15, 2015

This amazingly nice was filmed on Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's famous Hőgyész hunting ground in the September rut season. It clearly seems that the old, huge monster stag rules the area and all red deers around on his place. Whatch this!

Posted on: 14 September, 2016 

Please watch our new red stag videos from Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's YouTube hunting channel. Roaring stag from our Hőgyész Hunting Area in South-West Hungary. Beautiful scene.

Posted on: 4 August, 2016

The roe buck season is going on. Nice, great looking bucks are bagged during these days on two of our hunting grounds. Some bucks are very unique, having not big, but special and unique shaped antlers as trophies. One of this kind of unique bucks can be seen below...

Unique roe buck from Hőgyész Hunting Ground


Posted on: 12 May, 2016

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary is now launched the new, 24 hours streaming live webcam. Our goal is to show the hidden and unique wildlife of our legendary, Gyulaj hunting ground. The camera is put into a valley next to a grazing field, so the game and wildlife enthusiasts can follow the happenings of the local wildlife 24 hours from any places of the world. Don't worry, you can't miss a thing as we save all interetsting happening and upload it to our YouTube channel, so everybody can look back in time to see what trophy size fallow buck or wild boar, fox or even golden jackal appeared.

To watch the show online please click on the picture below or find the banner in the upper leftside of the webpage:

24hrs live game camera of GyHH


Posted on: 2 December, 2015

A great, short image-film was published to introduce the local and nearby treasures including the legendary wildlife managed by Gyulaj Hunting Hungary. The wildlife and outdoor footages were filmed in Gyulaj Huting Ground of GyHH. We are proud of our beautiful and great wildlife!


Posted on: 15 November, 2015

Reading and watching the Parisian happenings, we feel deep pain and sorrow. All French people and especially the friends and family members of the victims, please accept our heart-felt condolences.

Als wir die Ereignise von Paris beobachten, erleben wir die Momente des Tiefschlages, Schockes und Trauers. Alle Französichen Leute, zuhöchst die Angehörigen der Verstorbenen; wir möchten unser aufrichtiges Beileid aussprechen!

Nous voudrions présenter á la famille du défund et á tous ses proches nos plus sincéres condoléances et symphaties.

Pain and sorrow in Paris

Posted on:11 November, 2015

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary held its annual fallow buck trophy exhibition and show in November 9, 2015. The weather was just amazing in GyHH's Óbiród Hunting Lodges. Besides the great fallow buck trophies (66 bucks were displayed), there were more show-pieces making the day even more beautiful. After the hunting horn concert an ancient-Hungarian style falconry show was held including a very interesting horse-riding falconry show too.

To see our photo gallery, please click on the picture below (it will lead you to our Hungarian page):

Képgaléria - 2015-ös dámtrófea szemle Óbiródon

A short footage of the horse-rideing falconry show in the exhibition:

A Hungarian hunting TV show's birdseye- footage from the morning of the exhibition:

Posted on: 16 October, 2015

The fallow buck rut is just getting the top in both of our fallow deer hunting grounds, Gyulaj and Kisszékely. In both areas our clients could bag some extraordinary and huge trophy bucks. In Gyulaj a more than CIC 210 points bucks was shot a few days ago and in Kisszékely this two, heavy, 5kg bucks were bagged by our clients. And the rut is still going on....

To enlarge the picture below, please click on it!

apporx. 5kg bucks from our Kisszékely Hunting Ground

Posted on: September 30, 2015

On last day of September we have the opportunity to look back this year's red stag rut season. In nutshells Gyulaj Hunting Hungary can say; this September both the rut and hunts were great. The harvested stags dimensions and datas speak of themselves: In our Hőgyész Hunting ground the harvested September 30 stags average trophy weight was 8,.03kg. From this 30 stags 3 were over 10kg. 97% won CIC medals (4 golden, 12 silver and 13 bronze). In our Bikács- Kistápé Hunting Ground the rate of the medal-receiver stags was 90% (2 golden, 5 silver and 2 bronze). The heaviest antler stags was also shot here. It weighed 11,34kg (24hrs weight) on the scale. The client- nationality was also really diverse. Many clients chosed Gyulaj for shooting stags from many different countries of the world: Germany, USA, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, etc.

To see the pictures in big, please click on them:

Stag 2015 11,31kg stag from KistápéStag from Hőgyész  US client in Kistápé Hunting Ground  9kg stag from Kistápé Hunting Ground

Posted on: June 24, 2015

Support art!

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary announces online auction of the local "DeerParade 2015"  artworks.

The collected money is going to be used for covering the manufacturing costs of the sculpture the following "DeerParade 2016". Tha auction's artworks are life-sized, painted fallow bucks for indoor decoration, with genuine antlers. For further informations:

Please click on the different pictures to see the artworks' gallery.

To bid for the deers by e-mail please click on the "Submit bid" below your favourite deer and give your maximum bid. We will reply you back in an e-mail as confirmation of your bid. The system shows the highest bids only. The winners are the highest bid provider persons.

The auction ends on July 10, 2015 - 12:00 (noon)

        Starting price: 165 EUR              Starting price: 165 EUR             Starting price: 165 EUR
         Bidding limit:    16 EUR               Bidding limit:   16 EUR               Bidding limit:   16 EUR
          Highest Bid:          EUR               Highest Bid:          EUR              Highest Bid:           EUR
             Bidder:                                         Bidder:                                         Bidder:

              Submit bid                                   Submit bid               Submit bid

To see the picture gallery of "DeerParade 2015" artworks please click on this link!

Posted on: June 10, 2015

Gyulaj's muzzleloader project is getting more popular among the international and Hungarian hunters and muzzleloader enthusiasts.To show the unique athomsphere and excitements of hunting with a muzzleloader rifle, Mr. Balázs Németh films as much hunts as possible. Here is another great short film of a winter female fallow deer spot&stalk hunt with a Pedersoli rifle.

Posted on: April 23, 2015

The beautiful environment and the athmosphere of the Óbiród Hunting Lodge inspired a Hungarian filming crew to fly around the lodge and the valley with a drone last autumn. The video speaks for itself.

Posted on: March 9, 2015

We are always proud if a foreign newspaper publishes an article about Gyulaj Hunting Hungary. But we are even more proud if the article is about our beloved handicap hunting project. The latest article published in a Bayerischen, German newspaper's (The Münchner Merkur) online edition, the

To read the German language online article, please click on the logo below:

a German language article about Gyulaj Hunting Hungary

To read the printed, press version please click the picture below:

German language articel of Gyulaj's wheelchair hunting

Posted on: February 4, 2015

Another great amateur hunting film was shot by Balázs Németh, one of the founders of the Hungarian muzzleloader association. The beautiful scenes were shot in the first days of January. The video shows more than just hunting; shos the beauty of this magnificient hunting ground and the richness of the local game population.

The latest muzzleloader hunting video from Gyulaj can be watched by clicking the link below:

Posted on: January 14, 2015

Dear Visitors, Partners, Ex- and Future Clients of Gyulaj Hunting Hungary,

Unfortunately we have to inform You that fake and false hunting adverts are spread on the web using the brandname, logo, photos and datas belonging to Gyulaj Hunting Hungary (Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc.). The online cheater(s) is using different hunting websites and blogs to spread the fake adverts, offering driven hunts as  "cancellation hunt" in Gyulaj, Hungary. Warning!Fake hunting ads using Gyulaj"s name!We inform You that we do NOT have any cancellation hunts or any kind of partnerships with this (probably fake) names; Cosmin Rusu, Zoltan Andrasi, etc. Please do not pay any deposits to unknown hunting agencies/outfitters offering Gyulaj hunts!!! Please always make sure that your hunting trips are organized by Gyulaj partners or directly by Gyulaj Hunting Hungary! If you have any questions according to hunting trips, discovered any fake or strange hunting adverts related to Gyulaj, please contact us or always ask details from our official hunting partner agencies and outfitters. DO NOT TRUST ANY UNKOWN AGENCIES, make your hunting trips organized by the most secure way, through Gyulaj directly! Thank you!

Official contact of Gyulaj:

Posted on: January 5, 2015

The Pedersoli muzzleloader guns are the icons of the European traditional firearm industry. The company itself has a more than 150 years history and experience of making fine black powder guns. There was no doubt about the Pedersoli guns will do their job nice and easy in the legendary Gyulaj hunting ground...especially if the hunters will be the members of Pedersoli family.

Please read the full article of the hunt by clicking the logo or "Read more" below:

Davide Pedersoli's website

Mr. Pedersoli at the Obirod Hunting Lodge of Gyulaj Plc

Posted on: December 22, 2014

As we have posted the breaking news already, Gyulaj Plc's hunting ground became the only one hunting area within Hungary where traditional hunting with muzzleloader guns can be practiced. After a succesful autumn fallow buck hunt, the Hungarian muzzleloader team returned back to bag a few winter fallow does and fawns too. Please read the arcticle in English at the Hungarian website of historical firearm fans.

To read the English language article of the fallow hunt, please click on the logo below:

Website of CapAndBall Historical Firearm Enthusiasts

Hunitng with historical firearms in Gyulaj, Hungary  Hunting with historical firearms in Gyulaj, Hungary

Posted on: November 10, 2014

After each main hunting season must be a day when the professional staff members can see what they worked for and see the nicest and best trophies bagged on the days behind. The annual fallow buck trophy exhibition of 2014 was held at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's Óbiród Hunting Lodges on November 5. This year fallow buck rut was truly amazing, the statistics of the trophies speak for themselves. On the exhibition 65 bucks were displayed from the total 90 bucks were shot this year so far. 66% of the bucks received CIC medal. 30% received CIC gold medalion, 18% received CIC silver and 18% received CIC bronze medalion. So far the heaviest fallow buck trophy was 5,26kg and the most score was 215,85 IP received by another buck (with 5,01kg trophy weight). Four bucks had more than 5kg and 25 bucks were more than 4kg trophy weight. Thank you for all our clients and outfitter partners for this beautiful rut season.

The pictures below can be enlarged by clicking on them:

Annual fallow buck trophy show- Óbiród Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary  Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary  Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary

Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary  Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary  Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary

  Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary  Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary

Annual fallow buck trophy show - Obirod Hunting Lodge, Gyulaj, Hungary

Posted on: October 25, 2014

Even though the hunting with muzzleloaders has a big tradition in the USA, the hunters couldn't really practice their beloved way of hunting for example in Europe. Now -with a special permission- Gyulaj Hunting Hungary could be the first place within Hungary where the muzzleloaders can be used for hunting for trophy games. The first hunt with a muzzleloader gun wIthin a century happened on October 21, 2014. The lucky Hungarian client bagged a beautiful rutting fallow buck with its 170 years old German muzzleloader.

Technical datas of the gun:

Manufacturer:  Miller Fa Baader und Sohn in München (Germany). Made in between 1840-1850.

Caliber: 0,58" (14,7 mm), Bullet: 20,15 g, pure lead.

Gun powder: 100 grain 2 Fg Swiss black gunpowder.  Vo=500m/s Eo=2550 J

The photos below can be enlarged by clicking:

Muzzleloader hunting in Gyulaj, Hungary  Muzzleloader hunting in Gyulaj, Hungary

English language video of the hunt from CapAndBall's YouTube channel:

Posted on: October 14, 2014

Another giant antlered fallow buck was bagged on Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's legendary Gyulaj Hunting Ground. The beautiful quarry was bagged by a lucky Hungarian hunting client. The monster is estimated at least 10yrs old and 5kg trophy weight minimum.

Here are the official score of the trophy of this buck:

Age: 11 yrs

Trophy weight: 5,01 kg

CIC points: 215,85 IP

Please click on the pictures below to enlarge them:

October 13, 2014 - Gyulaj, Hungary  October 13, 2014 - Gyulaj, Hungary  October 13, 2014 - Gyulaj, Hungary

Posted on: March 7, 2014

How is the hunting with Gyulaj Hunting Hungary? We can tell many nice words about ourself but the best way to hear oppinions is when the clients tell their own experiences in an interview. One of the Hungarian TV channels' hunting magazine made a telephone interview with Mr. Alain Durand, Deputy President of the National Hunting Association of France who has been hunt with us in Gyulaj, Hungary.

The original, French language interview can be found on our YouTube channel:

Posted on: January 20, 2014

A new short movie is now available on Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's YouTube channel. The short movie is introducing our business sections and activities, including forest management, hunting and game management, recreational and tourist places as well as park forest and wildlife park management. We hope You enjoy the film and get a little taste of Gyulaj Hunting Hungary!   

Posted on: November 27, 2013

One of the Hungarian TV channels' hunting show crew visited our Gyulaj hunting ground to film the legendary fallow rut in its primetime. This short, ~3 minutes compilation shows how the famous Gyulaj rut goes on. A great compilation from a great hunting ground.

Posted on: November 20, 2013

A 5 pages article was published in the SCI's (Safari Club International) Safari Magazine about the five main state owned Hungarian hunting estates. The author was Dr. Gerald Warnock, a Weatherby Award winner hunter, telling a detailed story of his personal Hungarian experiences. He was the lucky one winning the auction at SCI's annual convention in 2010, Reno, NV. He bagged all the "Hungarian Big Five" in five different areas of Hungary; some nice roe bucks, a red stag, a fallow buck, a moufflon ram and a SCI world record wild boar tusker on Gyulaj Hunting Hungary Hőgyész hunting ground.

This issue of the magazine was published in more than 50.000 copies and sent out worldwide from SCI's Arizona and Washington DC headquarters.

Worth to read to know more about the Hungarian hunting tradition, famous hospitality, the quality of our hunting lodges and the high numbers of beautiful trophy big games we have.

To read the article, please click on the picture below!

Article about the Hungarian hunting grounds in SCI's Safari Magazine

Posted on: September 23, 2013

From now on you can follow us on Twitter too! We tweet to keep you updated about the news, hunitng results and trophies of Gyulaj's well known hunting grounds. Follow us on Twitter too!

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary on Twitter

Posted on: September 18, 2013

Indeed, the sound and video quality is bad, the cameraman's handshakes make it even worst, but this is uncut raw footage of Eugen's amazing trophy in rut! This is a "must see video" for every hunting enthusiasts from all over the world! When the footage was recorded, the trophy weight was deffinitely more than 14kg!

Posted on: September 17, 2013

It is only a few of the dozens of nice stags taken in the '013 red stag season so far. Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's South-Western Hungarian hunting grounds are more than good for red stag stalking. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

some early stags form the 2013 season

Posted on: August 7, 2013
In the spring of 2010, really impressive and great looking shed antlers were found in the woods of Gyulaj Hunting Hungary’s Hőgyész hunting area, South-West Hungary. Even at first sight it was c...lear as day from its heavy weight and the high numbers of points and tines that this antler shows a big potential. It was an interesting fact that the The Hőgyész Miracoulus stag in 2013 stag estimated to be between 6-7 years old at the time, was unknown to professional hunters. It had never been seen before, neither in the September rutting, nor in winter time. During the following rutting season the stag was finally seen in the main rutting place. He was easily recognizable by his special antlers. As it is a kind of local tradition, the professional staff named the miraculous stag. That is how he became „Eugen”. At that time he was still a really young stag, so all professional staff members and experts agreed that Eugen must see many more seasons before he is old enough to be bagged by a lucky hunter. We, at Gyulaj Hunting Hungary wanted to have a deserved CIC world ranklist „Top10 stag” finally as we had many wonderful and impressive trophy stags from Hőgyész, but none of them could achieved top 10 ranking so far. In the end of the winter of 2011 we were all excited about the found shed antlers. And we were not disappointed at all. Eugen’s antlers became much bigger just as we expected. The antlers were found just right in the heart of the Hőgyész area, where he was seen a couple of times, showing he felt safe and good there. The local trophy measurement using CIC- system provided us the following results:

Length of the beams: 104 and 106 cm
Circumference of the burrs: 25,5 and 26,0 cm
Number of points: 10 + 10
Calculated 24hrs trophy weight: 12,80 kg
The estimated CIC point was: 232,78 IP

Of course we were really looking forward what the next September would brings. A bit later than the previous year but he showed up at exactly the same place. He was even more powerful so our expectations and hopes grew even bigger. We hadn't seen a stag with such a huge trophy before on our hunting grounds. In that year Eugen shunned the fights and rut in the background. But the beautiful game was still too young to be bagged, even if many foreign and Hungarian hunters wanted to get him. For that winter he moved back his previous winter place. Those year’s shed antlers were found in the same area as before.
His trophy features were:

Lenght of the beams: 112,5 and 109 cm
Circumference of the burrs: 27,5 and 29,0 cm
Calculated 24hrs trophy weight: 14,10 kg
The estimated CIC point was: 248,83 IP

The following September we awaited Eugen to get back to his private rutting place but he didn’t come. And just as things go in this kind of situations rumors began to spread: „someone has seen him here and others have seen him there”, we even heard rumors that he was shot by different local hunters, but reliable news didn’t arrive. Until February. After a driven hunt close to Eugen’s rutting place our pro. hunters were checking blood of a wounded game and the dogs found a stag’s remains. The stag’s trophy was absolutely different looking but there was no doubt about the fact that they found Eugen’s remains. He had an accident in the velvet period when the stags grow their antlers. His head got smashed so badly, he lost almost the entire left beam, so after the accident he could grow only the remaining small piece of beam and the unharmed left brow tine. During the unknown accident his right beam was also damaged. In spite of all these things his trophy weighed 9,7kg with whole skull. Even with self- contained estimating, Eugen’s trophy weight should have achieved 15 kg without the accident. With his broken antlers probably he couldn’t fight and defend himself against other stags in the rut, so one of them could stab him to death. With his remaining power he could only go until the nearest wallowing place to cool down his wounds and that place became his final resting place.
Many people are asking us, if we are sorry Eugen’s story ended so sad? Yes, we are really sorry. Especially that we know Eugen could haves been our first CIC Top10 stag. Also we are being asked, if we are sorry we didn’t let one of our clients take a final shot, taking Eugen before the right time? Maybe it sounds crazy, but we say ’no’ without hesitation. We believe we have to show good example in wildlife management, so we don’t want our wildlife management to be driven by short therm, money-maker decisions instead of real professionalism. In the pictures Eugen’s last shed antlers can be seen built onto an other dead stag’s skull done by a professional taxidermist as a masterpiece. This beautiful set up trophy is now decorating one of our hunting lodges on Hőgyész Hunting Area, representing the excellence of the local habitat and professionalism for the following generations
    Eugen, the miracoulus stag
Posted on: May 6, 2013
A detailed article was published about Hungarian hunting experiences of Mr. Alain Durand (Vice President of Seine- Maritime 76 Hunting Association and Deputy President of The National Hunting Association of France) in the May/June, 2013 issue of Le Magazine des Voyages de Chasse, on its page 34 & 35. The great hunting opportunities were provided by Gyulaj Hunting Hungary (Gyulaj Plc.) and Pilis Parkforest Plc. the two important players within the Hungarian state owned hunting companies.
To read the French language article, please click on the pictures below!
French language article of magazine Voyage de Chasse  French language article of magazine, Voyage de Chasse

Posted on:  March  7, 2013

New short hunting footage from Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's YouTube channel. Now we show how the fallow buck shooting goes from a high seat. After Gyulaj's professional guide measuring the buck's  age and trophy he gives the permission to take the shot. The hunting client takes the shot to the right place. The result is a beautiful trophy awarded with CIC's medal. The white buck of the footage is also more than interesting.

Posted on: February 18, 2013

In November 2012, the Hungarian Embassy of Paris provided place for a great hunting event organized by the Hungarian Tourism Plc.'s Paris Office and Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc. During the so called "Hungarian Hunting Day in Paris" both Barbara Packi, Director of Hungarian Tourism Plc's French Office and Péter Gőbölös, CEO of Gyulaj Plc. presented a slideshow about the genaral tourism of Hungary as well as the performance of the Hungarian state owned forestries' hunting branch and sector to highlight the great results and hunting performance of the state owned hunting grounds in Hungary. To the event many hunting agencies and representatives of French hunting association and other hunting organizations were invited.  Mr. László Trócsányi, Ambassador of Hungary greeted the delegation and the invited French gentlemen. By based on many personal experiences the representatives of the French hunting agencies and outfitters all agreed that the Hungarian hunting professionalism, the deep local hunting culture and the excellent habitat can provide great hunting opportunities for the French hunters.

To see the slideshow in English OR French please click on the right language picture below!

To read the article of the Embassy of Hungary in FRENCH language please click on the picture below:

Posted on: November 14, 2012

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary is the leading hunting company in Hungary (and Central-Europe) providing very exciting free range hunts for hunters living with disability. The special track can be easily used by wheelchair hunters even if the weather is tough. We rebuilt one of our pick up trucks for the safety off-road transportation of wheelchairs and built special shooting stands giving a perfect cover for the hunting clients. In our quality hunting lodge the renewed bathroom can be easily used with wheelchairs.

Posted on: November 13, 2012

Even if there is a good hunting ground with excellent fallow population, a client with a desire to bag a big trophy buck and the expertise to take the shot when needed, and a well experienced pro guide, a considerable measure of luck is still needed for taking an old buck with a world-class trophy. On 20th October, 2012 all these things above came together on Gyulaj Hunting Hungary’s Pincehely area. The result was a stunning old fallow buck with 5.40kg trophy weight, an exultant hunter and a really proud hunting staff who are also grateful that they were the ones taking care of the great population of the local fallow deer. In the European CIC measuring system the trophy received 209,78 IP (International Points). 

The great looking trophy was also measured using the SCI (Safari Club International) method. After the measurement even the measurers were surprised by the exceptional score. The buck scored 317 1/8 SCI which is far more than a trophy needs to receive a gold medal award. Besides the medal award this magnificent score could provide the eminent No.3 place on the current SCI European fallow buck’s rifle ranklist representing the estate’s and the population’s excellence. Beside this great trophy the same area provided another old buck with 5.11kg trophy weight this year. In the October rut season the average trophy weight of 30 bucks was 3.79kg signifying a strong population. This forecast that next season we can expect great results as well.

Posted on : 1 November, 2012

"...on one of the bests hunting estates of Europe at one of the most exciting times of year..."

Now released: special Gyulaj and fallow rut edition in the British but internationally viewed online outdoor channel, the Fieldsports Britain's episode 153! Great footages with the deep roars of hundreds of our fallow bucks. David Wright producer of Fieldsports Channel did excellent job filming Max Hunt Danish pro bowhunter on the spot during the legendary Gyulaj fallow rut. Some words from the series:  

"...watching their (fallow bucks') wonderful behaviour in this glorious Hungarian classroom.."

"...this was the most exciting, raw, challenging hunting adventure we have ever filmed for Fieldsports Channel.."

Posted on: October 30, 2012
The lord of Hatar-valley

Each year one of the most remarkable event on Gyulaj Hunting Hungary’s famous Gyulaj hunting ground is the October fallow buck rut. This splendorous time attracts many international hunters from all over the world.            Roberto Civati, an Italian hunter - a returning guest of Gyulaj Plc - arrived on October 10th this year. Mr. Civati has already bagged some CIC gold medal fallow bucks with us, but this time he really desired to shoot a fallow buck with a huge trophy. On the very first stalk we were lucky to bag this great beast as this old buck had kept his well-known rutting place. In the woods he was easily recognizable by the outstanding trophy dimensions. This great buck’s trophy weight was 5,07 kg and received 207,29 CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Management) and 277 1/8 points (Safari Club International) on the trophy measurement. In both CIC and measuring system the magnificent trophy achieved gold medals.

Right after this hunt, on next day’s evening Mr. Civati succeeded in bagging another, absolutely unique, abnormally-shaped trophy fallow buck with 2,61 kg trophy weight. By the end of his hunting trip our esteemed Italian guest was more than satisfied with this two wonderful trophies and said good bye with a certainty in his eyes that meant he will be coming back next year and will be part of the Gyulaj experience again.

Attila Király - Pro. Hunter & Guide 

Posted on:  June  14, 2012
As always, Gyulaj Hunting Hungary (Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc) is putting safety first. In our hunting policy safety leads the priority list above any other part of hunting as passion and business. But even the masters need good advises, so Gyulaj participated in APSI's (Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) first Hungarian safety course held at Szent István University in Gödöllő, Hungary. The course was hold by Mr. Andras Szollar APSI's Central and East European Region Director and Mr. Zoltan Szabo APSI's Hungarian Director. We found APSI's training system excellent!
For more pictures please click on "Read more"!

Posted on:  June 7, 2012

Finally our wild boar trophy's is the new official No.1 (world's record) trophy on SCI eurasian wild boar ranklist (rifle method). The excellent old tusker was taken by an US client in an early morning hunt in October, 2011. The great wild boar from South-West Hungary took over the 1st place of the ranklist by an impressive SCI point difference compare to the previous #1. The official score is 31 9/16 SCI by the extreme lenght of the left lower tusk which is 43.9 cm (17.3 inch). Congratulations for the American hunter again!

Please check the photos in good quality of the current SCI recordbook Eurasian wild boar ranklist (rifle) by clicking on "Read more" 

Posted on:  May 29,2012
As one of the leading state owned hunting companies, Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Plc. was choosed to be the representative of all Hungarian state owned hunting territories and companies at Riyadh 2012 Travel Fair, Riyadh, Saudi- Arabia. Specially for this fair Gyulaj Hunting Hungary made a special hunting brochure in English language with all the 22 state owned hunting companies. The interest of the Saudi hunters was high toward the Hungarian hunting opportunities. We hope more and more Saudi hunter will choose Hungary as a new hunting trip destination in Europe.
Thank you for visiting Hungary's and Gyulaj's booth in Riyadh!
The Hungarian booth in Riyadh, Saudi- Arabia
The new hunting catalogue edited by Gyulaj Hunting Hungary, designed by Judit Prihoda
Gyulaj Hunting Hungary's exclusive Danish partner published an article about the new SCI No.1 (world 's record) eurasian wild boar trophy taken on Gyulaj Plc's hunting ground in one of the leading Danish hunting magazine, the BigGame. The Weatherby- award winner US client who won the auction of the "Hungarian Big Five" package during the SCI Las Vegas Convention in 2010 arrived to our South- West Hungarian hunting grounds in October, 2011. The first day early morning and evening hunt was unsuccesful but next day brought the right wild boar for the great shooter client. Both the hunter and the professional guide was impressed when they measured the tusks of the ~7 years old big game. After the raw preparation the first measuring brought even bigger surprise for both the hunter and the staff of the Gyulaj Plc. The official masurement (done by a SCI master measurer) set out the fact that by the measured SCI points this particular trophy is the new world's record of the SCI Eurasian world rank list with an impressive 31 9/16 SCI. In CIC measuring system the trophy is an abnormal trophy winning silver medal with 22,7cm and 43,9cm lower, big tusks. 
We hope by reading this article too, more and more hunters from Denmark will experience the excellence of Gyulaj's South-West Hungarian hunting grounds and big game populations!
For reading the article in Danish language, please click on the pictures below!